Make Your Kids Smile at Lunchtime

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I know I have the free printable lunch notes, but I like including fun little things in the boys’ lunch that will make them smile and show their friends. I really want to make them cute fun bento lunches all the time but let’s face it. I’m usually throwing their lunch together as we’re walking out the door so that rarely happens.

I stuck these little guys in their lunches today – are they clementines or Jack-O-Lanterns?

I also love this idea from Cute Food for Kids. You can draw on the banana with a toothpick and it will show up later.

Do you have any quick easy tricks to get that smile at lunchtime?

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  1. Just bought a whole bag of clementines. I'm going to have to do this, I can just see the grins on their faces when they find them in their lunches. Thanks Allison!

  2. This is such a fun and simple idea! I'm going to do it tomorrow. 🙂

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