Aladdin Printable Coloring Pages and Activities

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I will admit that I wasn’t quite sure what I’d think about Disney’s new live-action Aladdin movie. I love Aladdin. The music, the characters, the story… I found a time for everyone to watch it with me and we ALL liked it more than we thought we were going to. I loved it! All the amazing music was there and Will Smith really did create his own version of the Genie without losing that something special in the character we all love.

Aladdin Printable coloring pages and activities

Aladdin Printable Coloring Pages and Activities

Whether you’ve seen the movie or not, I have some FREE printable coloring pages, bookmarks, mazes, “Find the Difference”, and a memory game just for you.

Aladdin Printable coloring pages and activities

Print the entire packet of fun HERE.

Aladdin Fun film Facts

Learning more about films always seems to make me love them more. Here are some facts the boys and I found interesting about the making of this version of Aladdin.

  • The production filmed on the stunning desert vistas of Wadi Rum and Wadi Disi in Jordan where “Lawrence of Arabia” was shot.
  • The art department, under the supervision of Gemma Jackson, built the massive Agrabah set outdoors on a tarmac the size of two football fields at Longcross Studios in just 15 weeks.
  • Set decoration for Agrabah included fabrics, textiles, and carvings similar to those found in Marrakesh, lots of colorful woods, metals, fruits and vegetables, and a 1,000-year-old olive tree.
  • The Agrabah courtyard, market stalls, narrow alleys, and cluttered rooftops were designed to accommodate the extensive choreography and stunts featured in the musical numbers “One Jump Ahead” and “Prince Ali.”
  • The “Prince Ali” musical sequence is the biggest production number in the film with 250 dancers and 200 extras.
  • Costume designer Michael Wilkinson and his team created more than 200 costumes from scratch just for the extras.
  • The 30-foot yellow flower camel on which Prince Ali arrives at the palace was made from 37,000 flower heads and took 15 model makers three weeks to build.
  • Director of photography Alan Stewart had seven cameras filming the lavish production number “Prince Ali” to capture all aspects of the parade. For the “One Jump Ahead” sequence he attached a GoPro camera to Mena Massoud’s waist to capture footage from Aladdin’s POV as he runs and jumps through the narrow alleys and rooftops.
  • Set decoration included books, maps, opulent tapestries and pieces of art collected by the princess.
  • The bed in Jasmine’s bedroom was doubled in size to accommodate both the princess and her tiger Rajah.
  • Almost every type of VFX work was utilized on “Aladdin,” including character animation, performance capture, set extensions, digital environments, and FX simulations.
  • Visual effects supervisor Chas Jarrett built a 6-axis hydraulic platform for use in the flying carpet sequence in “A Whole New World.”
  • Aladdin’s sidekick Abu, while entirely digital, was based on a Capuchin monkey.

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