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To go along with our Snowy Fort Friday here’s another way to enjoy snow without having actual snow! Take it away Deb!

Hi!  I’m Deb with Dose of Happy.  I’m so excited to be posting here on All for the Boys.  I, like Allison, have 2 boys that keep me really busy.  They are 3 and 1 and I love the time I’m able to spend at home with them.

I purchased some fake snow (like THIS) while shopping Christmas clearance and knew it would come in handy for a cold winter day.  I placed some bottle caps at the bottom of a clear storage tub and put the bag of the snow in the tub.  My 3 year old had a blast searching for the bottle caps and loved the snow.  It ended up being a winter wonderland in our living room.  

I will tell you that this stuff is really messy and gets EVERYWHERE.  I was vacuuming this stuff up for about a week after we played with it.  It was so worth it, though.  It was so much fun!

What messy things are you okay with in your home?


Thanks so much Deb! We really love playing with this Insta-Sno it absorbs up to 100x its weight in water (you add water and it “grows”) and it’s fun for everyone to dig their hands in! It’s a fun gift too because everyone that’s gotten it or played with it has loved it!

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  1. That's a great idea, Angell! There are so many sensory boxes we can build… have you heard of Play at Home Mom? They have a Facebook page (and a blog, too) full of great ideas that are perfect for quiet time.

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