Road Trip Planning or Spontaneity with Red Roof

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We choose to take road trips for many reasons. Some of them include cost, ease of travel with pets or logistics. We also choose to take road trips because we get to experience so much more along the way! One of the things that I’ve tried to get my family used to is spontaneity. If we see or read about something that looks interesting along our route and we aren’t on a tight timeline, I try to get everyone on board with stopping and experiencing something new.¬†How we do road trips with Red Roof

We look for National Parks or Monuments, unique food spots, cheesy road side attractions, fun hikes or fishing spots for the fishermen in the family. Here, you can see what I mean:

As I mentioned, sometimes when you are spontaneous your plans need to be adjusted. For us, that doesn’t mean driving through the night when we originally intended not to so we have to be prepared to stay overnight if we end up needing to. Since most of the family are planners I usually look up possibilities on our route so that I know what’s available *just in case*.

How we do road trips with Red Roof

Red Roof actually just launched their new website that features an Along-a-Route feature. You can enter where you’re coming from and where you’re going and the different Red Roof locations will pop up on a route map including¬†where the Red Roof PLUS+ locations are.

How we do road trips with Red Roof How we do road trips with Red Roof

I LOVE that pets stay free! It makes it super easy to know that we can find somewhere to sleep (and get a little work done / charge all the devices) without having to search forever to find a dog friendly spot.

Traveling with dogs is always an adventure

Travel with dogs - RV

When booking on you’ll also be able to see the TripAdvisor reviews for each location which makes it so much easier than flipping back and forth like I usually do! Do you have any big road trips planne

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