Science Week!

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We LOVE science around here so we are excited to experiment and play a lot this week for science week! I thought we’d start off by looking at some of our favorites that we’ve done so far!

Science Fun

Is pepper afraid of dish soap?

Balancing your money

Balancing Act

Bend water with your hair

Balancing Forks

Water trick!

Optical Illusions

Heavy Water


Growing Monster Hand

Clean Dough

Hex Nut + a Balloon

Water Bottle Prank

Science of Motion

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  1. Love this round up! Can't wait to tackle a pile of these when we have a free afternoon… someday! I really appreciate that you post activities that use daily objects and things our boys can participate in. None of this 12 step science experiments that require 29 special pieces or ingredients – these are all about daily wonder. Perfect!

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