DIY Spinning Top Optical Illusion Toys

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Simple, fun, recycled and mesmerizing – what more could you want in a DIY toy?!
DIY spinning top optical illusion toys

There are SO many of these printables available. We used this one, this one and this one.

Print, cut, glue to an old cd. For the spinning part you can glue a marble into the center. We inserted a penny by snipping out just a small slot on each side for it to fit tighter in the center. You can also have an adult heat up the penny and wedge it in the center (holding with pliers so you don’t burn yourself) and it will melt itself a nice little spot in the center of the cd. I found it easier just to snip a little piece off of each side in the center until it could fit through without falling through (if that makes sense).

Make it work for you using what you have! You could also try making it with cardboard and a wooden dowel.

DIY spinning top optical illusion toys

Want to see what they look like while spinning?

So fun right?! Why not try and make your own designs as well? Have fun with it!

DIY spinning top optical illusion toys

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  1. Wow, so mesmerizing! I love how you showcase most of your projects through videos, it really helps bring another level to the reading experience! My cousin recently did an awesome watercolor timelapse video and I think we’ll be doing more in the future. This is definitely a fun activity for kids :)!

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