Spring Break in Washington DC

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Is it spring break for you yet? The schools here are starting their breaks this week. It seems SO early but we started a bit later last year so maybe that’s why?

Jefferson Memorial Photo: Destination DC
Jefferson Memorial Photo: Destination DC

This year we’re pushing spring break out until April and we’re visiting the Washington DC area for the first time! We’ll be staying in Alexandria, VA to be exact but will be visiting the surrounding areas for about a week.

Washington Monument Photo: Destination DC
Washington Monument Photo: Destination DC

I’d love to get thoughts and opinions on what we should do! We’ll definitely be visiting the monuments, National Mall area and Smithsonian museums. My oldest has wanted to visit since he was 4 years old. Do you have any favorite spots or¬†anything we just HAVE to check out?

International Spy Museum Photo by: Destination DC
International Spy Museum Photo by: Destination DC

Arizona¬†has only been a part of this country for 104 years so it’s a baby in comparison to the East coast! We are definitely wanting to learn some new history while we’re there.

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  1. Check out National Harbor. I believe your boys will enjoy the water front climbing on the large Poseidon sticking out of the front. They also have a children’s museum, a Peeps Store and many others of course. It is very small and easily to walk around. Make sure you make it to Georgetown, again, small enough to walk and some very cute places tugged in here and there. If you like chocolate, try to book a chocolate tour, very tasty and informative. If you have a car available and can get away from the city try to take a trip outside towards areas such as Aldi, Amisville ( Grey Ghost winery) or any other wineries on that strip, there are many. Any one of them would be great to visit . Visiting DC definitely make use of the circulator bus. Figure out which areas you would like to see. The Monument is definitetly worth it, great views. Whenever I have friends from Germany coming they all ask to see the National Treasure ( Movie with N. Cage) Points from the movie. Many places actually offering tours not just in DC but also in Mount Vernon ( George Washington), which I would recommend to visit as well. The Smithsonion is huge and it can take days to see everything. Other Museums that I have visited and enjoyed are the Native American Museum ( love the childrens section there) and the Holocost Museum, Kids usually take alot away from there. Anyhow those are just a few tips, you are probably completely overwhelmed now, lol. Enjoy your trip.

  2. The National Geographic Society museum is the BEST museum in DC. Super interactive, well maintained.

  3. If possible visit the Lincoln Memorial at night it’s a whole another experiance than the day. He’s huge and with the lighting it’s quite an experiance

  4. We went to the American History museum last time. It was much better than I expected. A bunch of science stuff snuck in with the history. But just about anything in the Smithsonian area is going to be worth the time. Your boys will probably love the Air and Space Museum. I really liked the piece of moon rock. And if you get the chance Williamsburg VA is a bit of a drive, but worth the effort.

  5. I hope you do Mount Vernon too! It is one of my favorite things. On our still to do list is the Masonic temple for Washington in old town Alexandria. Have fun!

  6. We live in Northern Virginia right outside DC and there really is SO much to do. A few favorites downtown include the National Building Museum (architecture galore and rotating interactive events), National Geographic Museum and the monuments. Making a trip to Arlington cemetery is to see the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, changing of the guard & Kennedy’s grave is always humbling & awe inspiring.

    • Oh my 11 year old would definitely love to see the National Building Museum! We’ll definitely have to make a trip to Arlington as well. Thanks so much for the tips!

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