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Spring Cleaning Tips for the Unorganized

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I am a work at home mom with a craft studio/office that I share with my husband. Sometimes it gets used as a “catch all” for all kinds of supplies and products that get thrown in there when we’re picking up the house for guests. It was definitely in need of some spring cleaning. The problem is, I’m not the most organized person. I can sit down and organize an office or room, but it doesn’t stay that way. I thought I’d put together some spring cleaning tips that work for me to clean and help it to stay that way for longer! Spring Cleaning Tips for the Unorganized Before I get to the tips – how about a “before” shot? My after shot won’t be perfect, but anything has to be better than this right?! Spring Cleaning Tips for the Unorganized Spring Cleaning Tips for the Unorganized Just piles and piles of “stuff”! Not to mention paperwork galore under all that stuff. I spent a day on a weekend to get to work on this space. Here are my tips for spring cleaning if you tend to be somewhat dis-organized like me!

  1. Start with some caffeine and good music. It makes all the difference 😉
  2. Throw away/recycle anything that can’t be used by someone else.
  3. Make piles of things to giveaway (especially if you aren’t going to have a yard sale soon), things to keep but need to put away, and another pile for paperwork.
  4. Find a place for everything. I like to keep things in boxes/baskets on the self, this way you don’t have to be super organized but can have a place to store things out of sight.
  5. Vacuum and dust when surfaces are cleared.
  6. Once everything is put away, find a good place for your paperwork pile.Spring Cleaning Tips for the Unorganized
  7. Add to the paperwork pile throughout the year, that way if you’re looking for something you’ll know where it is.
  8. When you have time, go through this pile (if you don’t have time make time every once in a while). File things away that need to be filed, take a photo of cute school work/drawings that you don’t want to keep, and then shred paperwork, junk mail or credit cards that you don’t need anymore. A good paper shredder makes a HUGE difference here. I LOVE my Fellowes 79Ci (available at Amazon and Office Superstores with a suggested retail price of $239.99) because of:
    • Patented 100% Jam Proof System that eliminates paper jams and powers through tough jobs
    • Heavy-duty Cross-Cut blades that can handle up to 16 sheets of paper per pass in addition to staples, paper clips, credit cards, junk mail and CDs
    • An extended 20 minute run time for increased productivity
    • Patented SafeSense® Technology which automatically stops shredding when hands touch the paper opening
    • Energy Savings System that maximizes shredder energy efficiency 100% of the time – both in use and out of use
    • SilentShredâ„¢ Technology that offers ultra-quiet shredder performanceSpring Cleaning Tips for the Unorganized
  9. Designate an area to gather things. Once it’s full, tell yourself it’s time to put things away. For me, allowing myself to collect piles makes all the difference. It lets me be a little scatterbrained while still keeping things somewhat clean.

Ready to see the “after”? I decided to leave it as is instead of cleaning it up even more for a “Pinterest Perfect” shot. This way you know it’s doable for you! Spring Cleaning Tips for the Unorganized aftb-spring-cleaning-7 Spring Cleaning Tips for the Unorganized I’m telling you, boxes/baskets, paper piles, a nice fast shredder make ALL the difference. Life gets in the way and it may end up crazy again but nothing a good spring cleaning can’t fix! Spring Cleaning Tips for the Unorganized Are you super organized or a bit more scattered like me?

Need some more tips?


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