Spy Week: Part 2 – Printable Decoder

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Every spy needs a way to send messages to his partner. The circle decoder is the perfect tool!

You can have your kids make their own or print out this one

Cut out the circles

Arrange from smallest to biggest and use a brad in the center to attach them together

Now you’re ready to create a message and decode!

You’ll need to decide which code you’re going to use. You line up the “A” on the smaller circle with the letter on the larger circle that you’ve chosen. Some do the first letter of the day of the week so today would be W for Wednesday. We wanted to be cryptic so I chose “V” for this one. When writing your message use the outer circle for plain english and the inner circle for the decoded message.

Once the message is written out – mess up the decoder so not just anyone can figure it out. The person decoding will need to match up the “A” with the secret letter (in this case “V”)

You use the outer circle for the plain english message and the inner circle for the decoded message. So in this case he found the “O” on the inner circle and change it to “I” to decode.

Now you have a way to send special messages. To make it harder you can run all the decoded letters together!

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  1. I am loving Spy week! I was pulling my hair out trying to come up with an original birthday party idea for my son to be 10year olds birthday party! Thank you so much for getting my creative juices flowing! xoxo

  2. I love your blog! I have two boys (3&6) and we're in the second week of Spring Break. Yes, second week. So you bet I'm glad I found your site! We had a blast with the laser thing this morning. When we'll be back from the park we'll be printing your decoder! Thank you for sharing all your creative ideas!!!

  3. I am so glad that you are doing these themed weeks. I am a mother of 3 boys and sometimes I feel that I don't have any more creativity to give. I think I have frequented every blog out there for ideas and used them all up. I am so anxious to use these during the summer when my boys are all at home!

  4. I love this and will use it for a book club for mystery week. Thank you!

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