Tea Party

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Yes I said tea party. Since my mom took us to the Ritz Carlton for our first Teddy Bear tea my boys have loved them. Yummy drinks, little food – really, what’s not to love?! 4 Men and 1 Lady held the perfect Gentleman’s tea party!

All the details and a lot more photos on 4 Men 1 Lady. Be sure to browse her blog, it’s one of my favorites!

Have you ever had a tea party with your kids?

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  1. When William and Kate married, I threw a mini tea party and my 2 boys loved it! My oldest (now 4) was totally into the mini sandwiches, scones, and the homemade lemon curd. He's kinda crazy fro the stuff…just like his mom! This tea party here is totally ADORABLE….

  2. Thanks for sharing a tea party with little boys! Many times little boys get left out from tea parties, but mine love getting all spiffy and eating special treats too. This is adorable- I love their hats!

  3. My boys LOVE when we go to our local tea room! We get all dressed up and enjoy a lovely afternoon having High Tea! I absolutely love this idea and the colors are perfect, we don't give boys enough credit sometimes, fun is fun!

  4. I think my boys would love this too – I take them to a musical every year and they love it – it's time to get dressed up (okay they don't like that part), we go out to eat, and we go to the production – all while leaving little sister home with Dad.

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