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White is My Favorite + DIY Phrase Tee

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Even in a house full of boys and dogs, white is my favorite color. White is used all over the house, ranging from furniture decor, to sheets on ALL our beds, to the color of our walls and clothes.

White feels cooler, brighter and makes for better photos in the home (because no color casts). It’s also our top choice when making DIY t-shirts!

DIY phrase tee

Having both the dogs and the boys, I thought I’d eventually have to move to beige (or brown) everything, but I’ve had some great luck keeping my whites nice and bright with OxiClean™ HD™ Laundry Detergent. I’m always up for trying something new to keep my whites from looking dingy and this seems to be doing an awesome job!

DIY phrase tee

Even their sheets still look great.

DIY phrase tee DIY phrase tee DIY phrase tee

When the boys come up with a shirt idea for a DIY project, they tend to wear the heck out of it which makes it hard to get to their stains right away (or at all). Having something to use to get the stains out quickly and keep them from looking old is important! They love the smell of THIS ONE too!

DIY phrase tee

If you love white as much as we do, you can buy a pack of white t-shirts and make your own phrase tees! This is my favorite way to make these because they last the longest even through lots of washes.

Start with a print out of your phrase. You can make your own or print out THIS ONE to make this “Are we there yet?” t-shirt.

Cut out a piece of freezer paper and tape down to a self-healing mat over the phrase template with the freezer paper shiny (or smooth) side down.

DIY phrase teeDIY phrase tee

Cut out the letters with a craft knife, saving the insides of letters like “A” or “R”.

DIY phrase tee

Next, place the freezer paper smooth-side down on your t-shirt. Add in the insides of the letters you saved, then iron the freezer paper on to the shirt using an iron on the “no steam” or dry setting. You can use a towel to protect your iron if you need to.

DIY phrase tee DIY phrase tee

Once the freezer paper is pressed down well (check next to some of the letters to be sure) you can start painting.

DIY phrase tee

Use a foam spouncer to apply fabric paint onto the shirt.

DIY phrase tee

Once dry, remove the freezer paper. You can set the paint by following the directions on your paint bottle.

DIY phrase tee

Now you’re ready to wear as much as you want, wash with OxiClean™ HD™ Laundry Detergent, and have bright, clean tees too!

DIY phrase tee

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