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to give you a fun activity? The boys kept bringing me balloons to tie and even though I wasn’t sure what they were doing I thought I’d let it play out and find out. I thought for sure I’d hear popping sooner than later but when it was quite for a while I peeked in to see what they were doing and saw this

Imaginative play idea Imaginative play idea


They had created an underwater scene and were playing out the documentary about the ocean they had turned on.

Imaginative play idea Imaginative play idea


The balloons were fish

Imaginative play idea Imaginative play idea Imaginative play idea


My boys crack me up! I think this is a great way to make tv a fun involved activity. They love learning about animals and other parts of the world.

Make sure to peek over at Made by Joel – he created a fabulous printable Paper City Paris (Lego men do Paris anyone?) These are great to take somewhere there is a long wait!

Tomorrow is a special guest post with some fun toddler activities (I know some of you have requested them!)

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  1. Kids imaginations are the best – love to find my boys pretending using objects in other ways (often those objects turn into swords or lasers of some sort.)

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