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And the winner of the Lego Speech Bubbles is:


#39 Sarah T who said: “Love these!!!! My kids would get a kick outta them! Thanks for a hosting a fun and inspirational blog!”

Congratulations Sarah I hope your kids enjoy them! I’ll be in contact with you shortly to get your shipping information!

I have plans to spruce up the site a bit making things easier to find and more accessible. As I was going through I thought I’d share some projects we’ve done in the past in case you haven’t seen them or just need some inspiration. 

We have a lot of fun things in the works just not quite ready to post yet!

Condiment Prank

Film Canister Rocket

DIY Water Scope

Pepper + Dish Soap Experiment


Bending Water

Balancing Soda Can

Water Bottle Launcher

Balloon Propeller

Dollar Bill Paperclip Trick

Balancing Money

Paper Football

A Minifig Beach

Spy Headquarters (playhouse)

Newspaper hats (and boats and life jackets)

Star Wars Pillowcases

DIY  Stethoscope

Vinegar + Baking Soda


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  1. Wow! This is such a splendid idea! I have three boys under the age of 5. I can see us doing many of these experiments! Thanks for posting.

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