Fort Friday!

Fort Friday of a 3 day weekend here (Monday is Veterans Day!) I know my kids are excited because we are actually cooling down a bit.

The Holiday gift guide is coming out next week!! I didn’t realize how much work it was going to be so I really hope you all enjoy it!

Speaking of gifts has some events coming up with Star Wars, LEGO, Hurley, and Quicksilver so you may want to sign up and watch for that! They take a little longer to ship if you’re used to Amazon but there are some great deals to be had if you’re planning ahead!

Speaking of Star Wars who has already downloaded Star Wars Angry Birds? So fun!

Now on to the forts!

Kevin Langan has an awesome site where he’s challenging himself to create 100 wild huts on different types of land!

We still have Mickey on the brain – here’s a cute Mickey themed playhouse on HGTV

It’s a little Hobbit Hole! From Wooden Wonders

Or maybe you’re a little more Knightly and need a proper castle – from The Playhouse Company

Have a great weekend everyone!

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