Failure (and a free printable)

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There have been many, many times when we’ve thought of an activity or experiment to share here on the blog that just don’t go as planned. We never want to share something with you that doesn’t work for us so you never get to see those. I thought I’d share one with you today.

We’d seen this solar bag experiment done before and were talking about it this weekend. My son thought that we should be able to do it with a regular black trash bag so we thought we’d give it a try. The theory behind it is that heat rises (density of air mass based on temperature) and the black bag + sun = heat. The air inside the bag DID get hot, but unfortunately that’s about all that happened. No matter how much they tried they couldn’t get it to “float” too much. They think it was just too heavy 😉

I plan on getting them a Solar Bag of their own at some point so we can see it really work! I see the importance of failure. Tweaking and trying different ways of doing the same thing to see what works and what doesn’t or what works best and what my kids to experience it as well. If they bring me an idea (even if I know it won’t work) I encourage them to think it through and try it out. Most of the time they are ready to try their ideas out without fully thinking them through but that’s ok with me because even Edison said – I have not failed, I have just found 10,000 ways that don’t work. (this isn’t his direct quote but was taken from a quote he said)

If you want your kiddos to remember this quote you can print your own! (free for personal use only)


Do you have lots of project fails under your belt like me?

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  1. what a good reminder of trying. i think it's important that we teach our kids that trying doesn't mean we've failed. you hit the nail on the head girl! 🙂

    ps- thanks for sharing the print, so cute!

  2. You're win coolest mom! I'm only 18 right now but I can't wait to start a family and do crafts with my kids! 😀 Great pics btw.

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