How To: Paper Ninja Stars

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When I was in grade school it seemed like all the boys could make these and I was jealous. Now I can make them all I want (Oh and my kids like them too).

Here’s how to make paper ninja stars. Don’t worry once you make one or two it will seem so easy and you’ll be making them all the time!

You’ll need a square sheet of paper. You can make a reguar 8.5″ x 11″ sheet of paper square by folding it diagonally and cutting off or tearing the extra at the bottom.

You’ll take your square, fold it in half and cut it into two sections.

Fold both of those sections in half lengthwise.

Next you’ll fold each of the corners down on a diagonal. Make sure that the two sections have opposite diagonals (he didn’t do that here he had to re-fold we tend to forget that part if we haven’t made them in a while)

Next you’re going to take the points and fold them down to form another triangle – easier to see that explain. See how each half folds opposite ways?

Now flip the piece on your left over and place the piece on your right over the top like this:

Now you’re going to take the top point on the left and fold it down on the diagonal

Tuck the corner into the little fold (if you’re not seein the fold make sure you made your original folds and triangles opposite each other)

Do the same to the bottom

Now turn it over

and tuck the other sides in

Did you do it?!

To throw you just sort of flick it like a frisbee (but not at people)

Once you get the hang of making them you’ll find ninja stars everywhere! You can use 2 different colors to creat different patterns too

Have fun!

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  1. Fab tutorial, thanks! My 9yr old son loves anything to do with ninja's, so this has been a big hit!

  2. Nancy I Boeckman Reply

    If you can make this paper throwing star with these directions and photos… You are a superstar! I found the instructions impossible to interpret.

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