Fun Imaginative Indoor Game with Crayola

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I am a long time Crayola crayon fan. As a kid I could be made happy with a new box of crayons and a new coloring book. That’s all I needed! I couldn’t help but peek at the aisle with all the Crayola fun when I had to run into Walmart for a last minute school snack the other day. This time around I actually picked up a few things.

I got Crayola Crayons, Sidewalk Chalk, Washable Paint and Markers and knew just what I wanted to do with them!

Did you ever play the “hot lava” game when you were a kid? Where you couldn’t touch the ground because it was hot lava? I learned the other day that my husband hadn’t and I was completely apalled that this wasn’t a normal childhood game for everyone. 

This “stuck inside” activity can be made as complicated or as simple as you want or as time allows. I thought it would be fun to have a big volcano so I cut a leftover piece of foamboard (I always save big pieces of cardboard/foamboard for projects like this) into a triangle with a slit at the bottom as well as a rectangular piece with a slit for the platform.

Stood up it’s the base for the volcano

Now it’s time to create the volcano. Lay out a couple of strips of paper (you can get rolled paper at the craft or office supply store. Longer rolls are sometimes labeled as banner paper) and whatever Crayola supplies are appropriate for your age of kids. The sidewalk chalk is actually great for this because it can cover a big area. 

The kids can get as detailed or as abstract as they want – it’s their volcano after all!

Next, cut out and paint/color the lava that will come out of the top of the volcano.

Once they are done, wrap the volcano and fire decorate papers around the volcano base attaching at the back and top with some tape – instant volcano.

Lay out big strips of paper to draw and create the lava flow or even a lake in the middle.

Kids can create other parts of a town as well or come back throughout the day to add more to their creations.

Cut some stones or lava rock out of pieces of felt. These are what you can stand on (don’t touch the lava!) to create a game. Move the pieces around to transfer townsfolk (action figures or toys) or to get away from the lava yourself!

This “hot lava” game is wide open to imagination and like I said before is something they can come back to throughout the day or week to add on to. 

They’ll be having so much fun they’ll forget that they can’t go outside!

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