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I’m not a huge fan of Easter baskets. I had to get my boys the traditional baskets their first couple of Easters but as they’ve gotten older we’ve collected quite a few baskets. They hold the fun Easter treats for a bit after Easter but then they kind of get thrown in the closet afterwards. I feel bad throwing them away so they’ll eventually make their way to Goodwill or just get crushed and end up in the trash/recycling. I’ve been keeping my eye out for some alternative Easter baskets for this year that we can use after the fact for toy storage, book storage, or some other craft project throughout the rest of the year.

I do have a couple of requirements though. They must have a handle (who wants to hunt for eggs without a handle?!), they must be sturdy (I do have BOYS afterall), and the handles must move out of the way for easier storage!

Here are some ideas I’ve seen

a painted or galvanaized (we have these holding toys in the boys’ rooms)


A chrome utility basket (I’m on the hunt for these – I’d love them to put the boys’ books in on the side of their bed, we’ve tried rattan but it’s just gotten destroyed!)

A clear or metal paint can



A sand bucket if you think you’ll be using one this year (even though we don’t live by the beach my boys loved these at the splash pads or in the bathtub) I also like this digging bucket


Have you used anything other than a tradional basket for Easter?

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