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I love to find fun little things for the boys’ baskets or for my “fun stash”. Thought I’d share some cute little gifts I’ve seen around the web. 

Pig Popper This guy is SO fun, it’s one of those toys that everyone has fun playing with. You squeeze his tummy and the ball pops out of his mouth. 

Find and Make Robot – this little kit gives you connectors to help make a robot from things you find around the house. My boys are always wanting to make robots out of stuff from the recycle bin but are always having trouble getting the pieces to attach to each other. Love this kit!

Wikki Sticks – the bendable wax strips. I love keeping these in my purse for restaurants or long waits

Thermochromic Glux Putty – This putty starts out orange but changes to yellow with the heat from your body, you can stretch it and mold it and it will even bounce!

Mentos Geyser Tube – if you haven’t done this with your boys yet you MUST! They’ve improved the design of the tube so it’s much easier (and less messy for Mom’s hair) We’ll have to share a video of us doing this here 🙂

Animal Hand Tatoos


Can you tell I’m  not a big fan of the overpriced Easter themed basket stuffers? I prefer to find just a few really good items that I know the boys will love and play with more than just one day. 

You’ll definitely want to check in tomorrow – we’ll be having huge fun with Peeps (and they won’t be for decorating)

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