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So if you’ve never seen/heard of/participated in Peep jousting you must try it this year – your boy will thank you for it!

I’m not a fan of eating Peeps, but there is just something about the cute little things that makes me by them this time of year. So instead of eating them we have Peep jousting tournaments!

Peep jousting is pretty much what it sounds like – Peeps. Jousting. You stick a toothpick on them, put em on a paper plate, stick them in the micro and see which one “wins”!(the one that deflates the other) Peep jousting!

I like it better with stale Peeps but either will work. Last night we used fresh ones and they kept collapsing on us. It didn’t matter though. The boys were laughing like crazy the entire time and cheering for their favorite color.

For fresh Peeps, the toothpicks will just stick to the side where the marshmallow is exposed. For a stale Peep you can just stick the toothpick in them somewhere.


Here’s a video showing Peep jousting too! 


If you really like to actually EAT Peeps how about these Peep Troopers for your Star Wars lovers? From Sugar Swings

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