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My older son taught us this “trick” (well a form of it) so we thought we’d share it here. You just need a balloon and a water faucet.

Blow up and tie your balloon

Bending Water static experimentGive it a good rub on your head or shirt (but your head is SO much more fun)

Bending Water static experiment

Bending Water static experiment

Bending Water static experiment

Bending Water static experimentWhen you’re done having fun with static, go to your nice stream of water (not too strong)

Bending Water static experimentand watch what happens when the negatively charged balloon (the part you rubbed on your hair or shirt) gets close to the stream of water

Bending Water static experiment

Bending Water static experimentIt impressed this one 🙂

Bending Water static experimentAfter you’re done bending water you can play with the balloon, or rub it on your hair again and make it stick to the wall! Have fun!

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