Climbing Love Bug

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The one thing I look for in a craft with my boys is interaction. If the craft is fairly mellow to put together (usually means no mess or loud noises) and just hangs on the wall they probably aren’t too interested. However if they can play with it afterwards that increases the interest a bit. Today we’re sharing a Climbing Love Bug – (a spider in this case) that can climb up it’s string. Note: I am using the word “bug” here loosely I realize that spiders are arachnids not insects which most people refer to as bugs. Just wanted to get that out of the way. 😉

You’ll need construction paper, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, a straw, string, scissors, and tape.

Our friends at CraftProjectIdeas were so awesome to send us some craft supplies in case we wanted to use them on a project in the future so we had the pipe cleaners and googly eye on hand from them but you can find the same ones at Walmart (they have a huge selection)

Cut out two circles for the body (or one or 5 – the fun part is making this your own)

Tape or glue the pieces together. I’m using washi tape so that you can see how we put it together but scotch tape will hold better for you.

Next you’ll form some legs from the pipe cleaners

Turn him over and admire your work

Give him some eyes – I tried to give him more but my boy was having none of that.

Next we gave our spider a heart

You could add some antenna or decorate him/her however you like but at this point your bug is finished – now to make him mobile.

Cut 2 – 1″ pieces of straw and place them about 1″ apart on the back of your bug. If you have younger ones playing with this you may want to make sure these are on well so you don’t have to keep fixing them while they are playing – a couple extra pieces of tape or hot glue maybe?

String a piece of string through the top of each straw so there is a loop at the top of your spider.

Tie off your string or add a button, paperclip etc to the bottom so they don’t pull through the straw. I happened to have some wood veneer hearts on hand to use.

Hang the top of the string on a doornob or other secure spot

Have your child gently pull the strings apart and watch your bug/spider climb up the string!

Have fun!

Thanks to CraftProjectIdeas for sending us some supplies! We were not required to use them for anything in particular but we very much appreciate them for inspiring us to create!

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  1. Neat! Found you via I Am Momma Hear Me Roar.

    I'm planning my girl's 3 year old pink butterfly birthday party (of course that's what she'd pick!), and these would work perfectly as a butterfly craft for the girls. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Marianne White Reply

    I am going to use this craft for my middle schoolers. They are developmentally delayed and it’s always hard to find something to interest everyone. I will let the girls decide if they want to do a spider or, as mentioned, a butterfly. I can’t wait to get started. Thanks again!!!
    Marianne White
    Boys and Girls Home
    Sioux City

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