DIY Spooky Halloween Terrarium

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A fun DIY Halloween terrarium that you can’t ruin because it’s not alive and it’s one that your kids will love to play with!

It’s super simple and you can pretty much make it however you want. Here’s what we did. (The glass jar is from Walmart and is $7 the have an even bigger one that’s around $10)

Add substrate of your choice. We used stuff we found around the house. It doesn’t really matter what you choose since you’re not putting anything living in this terrarium (we’ll do a live one for the winter holidays!)

Next add your decorations – we used plastic bugs, sticks, and fake cobwebs

My boys have already had fun adding and changing things out so I know younger kids will love it too!

You could put it up on a shelf for display or leave it a little lower for the kids to change out (if they won’t get dirt everywhere and break the glass 😉 Have fun!

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  1. Ooh that's fun! I love this idea! And I would also LOVE to link to your directions if you didn't mind!

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