Family Togetherness Then & Now

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Do you ever think about how and what you did as a kid shapes how you are as a parent and a family now? I tend to have nostalgic moments quite often so for me it definitely did. I think all the family trips and adventures have definitely helped foster a desire for me to travel even more with my own family!

I often think of games we used to play as a family and try to find them now to play with my boys or re-create the fun things I remember doing most. Like family picnics in the park with a blanket on the ground and everything.


I know for sure my trips to Hawaii and Europe as a kid made me want to pass that love of family travel, adventure, and desire to learn more about the world on to my kids.

Hawaii 1988 Kauai Kauai   Hawaii, Grand Canyon Kauai

I think the family trips with no big agenda planned are the best because it’s just time spent with each other, coming up with adventures and activities to do while exploring the world around us.

I know for sure I passed on a love of city + culture to my boys. Our family trip to Chicago (and one by myself) to visit my Grandma is still one of my favorites. Again, that uninterrupted family time without the distractions of work and school.

Chicago City Wall

My love of holidays as a kid has definitely continued on to my family. Looking at it now, I realize it again was time together. No specific agenda, no end “goal” just being with family.

1995 Christmas Dramatic Christmas

Ok and maybe we passed on a bit of our dramatic flare.

Road trips, summers, holidays, and travel: all have something in common for us then and now. Being together. Not just in the same room but really together. No distractions, no appointments, just time, and I want more of that – especially while there IS time. They are only with us for such a small window and then they are off to start their own families.

This is a favorite quote of mine so I thought I’d make a little printable to put in the living room to remind me to just be together.

All together printable

Click HERE to download your copy (free for personal use).  

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