fort friday

Fort Friday

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Hey everyone – it’s Fort Friday! I wasn’t feeling up to putting this post together last night (should have done it sooner) because our 13 year old dog went missing 🙁 Good news is we found her (well my awesome neighbor found her) and we’re hoping she isn’t injured too badly (has a cut and favoring her foot). I thought I’d add a few dog forts in this week since our dog is certainly on our minds (can we say no sleep last night?)

Aww from Know Your Meme

By Bruce Lemons on Flickr

and for some human forts in case you’re not a dog lover.

From Jesus and Dark Chocolate

Seen on Neatorama

An entire awesome fort how to from Davina Fear

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  1. As a mother of high on energy/enthusiasm five year old boy, I love your posts. He is always making forts out of anything and everything…spinning yarn around them using imagination as well as imitation. Here's one that he did last year :

    Thanks and wish you the best as you raise your boys :))

  2. That last fort, with the sheets on the fan and the strings everywhere, looks like something my son would build. He loves turning the fan on and throwing things up in it, and tying string to villains, then tying them to something else (to create a trap). HAHAHA!! This fort had all the elements that he LOVES. 🙂

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