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Fort Friday – Tent Edition

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Yay! It’s Fort Friday once again. This week I’ve highlighted some amazing tents – remember if you make a fort with your kiddos and want to share on Fort Friday just email the pictures and/or links to info[at]allfortheboys[dot]com.

from Restoration Hardware

by Rachel from Smile and Wave

This tree tent by Dre Wapenaar is crazy


love this adorable knight tent for a super cute party by Mer Mag


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Have a great weekend everyone!
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  1. I showed a lot of your fort pictures to my boys because I thought they would think they were cool and be inspired to build their own. Instead they were disappointed and unmotivated, convinced they couldn't build anything so cool. Any ideas how to combat this mentality?

  2. All for the Boys Reply

    Hi Valerie (I hope you'll check back because you didn't leave your email for me to respond directly! I think that's definitely one of those not so fun "what he has is better than what I have" lessons we all get to learn! I think what I'd do and have done in different circumstances is make what you're doing right then seem like the most fun thing in the world. Secretly build a fort for them (even a simple one) and do something unexpected like string Christmas lights on it. Then play a game like you are all pirates on the "boat" at night and you need to navigate by the "stars". Make it a big deal and do it with them. They'll love it!

    Allison Waken

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