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A tradition in our house since the boys got a bit older was to have 2 get togethers for their birthdays. A friend party (their friends) and a family/close friend party (usually dinner). We are lucky to have lots of family that want to love on our boys so to have it all together it gets a little crazy.

My little one has a summer birthday which has proved difficult for friend parties so we “planned” his a bit earlier in the year right after school ended. I say “planned” because all I did was call a local laser tag place and give them my credit card number lol!

It’s actually the first time we’ve had a party at a place like this and I have to say it was nice to have someone else do all the work! We had a total of 8 kids including mine so it definitely helped having it closer to school!

We had it during the week so we actually got to play 3 games instead of 2.

It doesn’t matter what we do because it’s all worth it for this

For his family party we had it closer to his actual birthday. It was 120F that day so we had it at 6pm. We served kalua pork, rice, pina colada carrot salad and fruit salad. (I forgot to take a picture of the food) My oldest made him a birthday banner

Another tradition we have is my Mother in Law’s cakes for the boys. I need to round up a post of all of their cakes so far!

The kids swam until late into the night while the families trickled out.

We love this tradition of the “regular” friend party with a time to celebrate with family as well. We also take the birthday boy out to dinner of his choice. Do you have a similar birthday tradtion?

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  1. We have 2 boys and we have very similar traditions to you!
    Our boys both have summer birthdays, 2 weeks apart, so they have a friends party and then a shared family party as my stepdad also has a summer birthday.
    On the actual day of their birthday, they get to choose what we do and what/where we eat.
    That Minecraft cake is amazing! My youngest is having a Minecraft party on Friday!
    Love your blog!

  2. Love this idea! We have boy bday's 2 weeks apart as well, turning 2 and 4 this August/September. Not much family near by, but I'm sure we can come up with something similar. Look forward to hearing more ideas!
    Love the blog

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