Gameday Activity to Keep Kids Busy

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I don’t know about your house but here boredom usually leads to mess (or fighting) so what do you do when it’s big brother’s gameday or the big game is on tv and the kids need to keep busy?

Have them make their own paper football field!

You’ll need straws, tape (a box if you don’t want to hold your goal post) and a piece of paper.

Fold your straws to create the “u” shape of the field goal posts and tape into position. We used colored washi tape for fun. You can use your team’s colors to make yours!

So they could play on their own without anyone holding it we created a stand for the goal post out of an empty crayon box covered in duct tape.

That’s it for the goal post! So simple!

Folding a paper football is also super simple. Take an 8.5″ x 11″ sheet of paper and cut it in half lenghtwise.

Then fold the paper also lengthwise

Take a corner and pull it over to the opposite edge creating a triagle like this:

Continue folding up and creating triangles for the length of the paper until you can’t make anymore.

Make the last triangle come the other way like this:

Cut off some of the end to make it a bit smaller for tucking

Tuck the end in to the open slot on the triangle of paper so you are “closing” the football

And you’re done!

Hold the football and flick it to get it through the goal post. Move farther and farther away to make it harder.


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