Gross Game!

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Get those senses working with a fun mystery gross game

I love this box from Lotta Magazine

Come up with lots of gross feeling objects for a fun guessing game – you can add whatever twist you want for the kids you have

  • make up a story about what you feel
  • come up with as many gross ideas as you can for what you’re feeling
  • see who can come up with the grossest
  • start by telling them it’s something gross

This box from Spoonful is funny because you can see what they are doing from the other side and change out what they are feeling

I love how A Lemon Squeezy Home made up her mystery feel box

Babble has a great list of foods to use for this game and ideas you could describe them as

Don’t stop at food though! Use things like Vaseline, shaving cream, mud etc.

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