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How Dad Inspires Us to Be Bold

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With all the Father’s Day posts we’ve been doing and/or are doing I thought it would be fun to tell you about the Dad in our house. LISTERINE®’s Bring Out the Bold™ campaign has us thinking about what being bold or doing bold things means to us.

How Dad inspires us to be bold

Dad has always been bold in the active sense. When the boys were little they loved to watch him ride dirt bikes at the track and now that they’re older he’s passed on his love of surfing!

He’s been known to try new tricks on a skateboard too 😉

Dad skateboard

He’s taught the boys to camp and fish all while being an example of chivalry, a responsible outdoorsman and how to respect the earth so that we can continue to enjoy it.

How Dad inspires us to be bold How Dad inspires us to be bold

In our house the boys are encouraged to help work on the cars, bikes or small household jobs but they also learn how to cook from Dad! He’s the real chef in this house and our boys will definitely not be eating microwave ramen when they go to college.First Day of School

Dad is also bold in the relational sense. He’s the guy you can have a long conversation with on the plane if you’re in the mood to talk. He’s the guy that people ask questions or walk up to to start a conversation with if there’s a long wait. You know that guy.

How Dad inspires us to be bold

He’s shown my boys how to be a people person. How to look people in the eye when you’re talking and how to be kind especially when it’s SO needed. He’s also been an example of how to speak up when something’s not right no matter how uncomfortable that may be.

Here’s what the boys had to say when I asked them how Dad inspires them to be bold:

C: “Dad inspires me to be bold by showing me how to be a good outdoorsman.”

P: “Dad inspires me to be bold by being an example of someone with good sportsmanship. He also is a good example of how to be polite and outgoing.”

Oddly enough Dad does love using Listerine! He’s always put together when leaving the house and even when we were dating and had just gone through wrestling practice, smelled good. He totally embodied the Bring out the Bold campaign even back then. Have you checked out Listerine’s Bring Out the Bold site? I love how it’s gotten us to thing about going a bit beyond our comfort zone this year and how our family members inspire us to be bolder.

How Dad inspires us to be bold

How does your Dad, husband or man in your life inspire you to be bold?

How Dad inspires us to be bold


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