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Imperfect Family Vacation Memories

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Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore’s new movie together – Blended – has been making me think lately about past family vacations (this has totally been me).

We all have that image of our upcoming vacations in our mind. You know the one. Everyone is smiling, laughing, clean, well dressed, NOT arguing over who is looking out your window… Like this:

What you don’t see and what I don’t usually type out are things like my oldest is missing his glasses because they got squished on a roller coaster and he was mad about it for hours ruining those few hours for most of us at the theme park. Those glasses my youngest has on? This was the last time they were seen or photographed on this trip.

Then there’s the part where I try to be a good Mom and play with my kids on the playground and 
this happens:

Or there’s the trip we took when 2 hours into the desert my husband realizes that he forgot his suit that he needed for the 8am meeting. After finding the only store that was open until 10pm on our way into town we drove MUCH farther off the freeway than we thought we needed to go. We parked at 9:58pm ran in the store (carrying sleeping children) and bought several items to make sure something worked out. 

OR the trip we thought we’d take a different route and follow a map that ended up taking us 2 hours out of our way on the craziest, windiest road up and down a mountain in the pitch black. That was fun!

The best part is getting to laugh about it all afterwards (much to my husband’s dismay). I think some of our crazy experiences make me love films about family vacations and the crazy things that happen because they make me feel better about our own experiences. Have you seen the trailer for Blended yet?

So funny! Several of the scenes from the trailers remind me of our own crazy family vacation memories. It’s nice when they are happening to someone else for once. Blended is rated PG13 so definitely a date night movie and releases on May 23. We’ll be seeing it just coming back from a few family vacations so I’ll have to compare 😉

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