Top 5 Things That Happened at Star Wars Celebration 2017

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A lot of awesome things happened at this year’s Star Wars Celebration in Orlando. We thought we’d share our top 5 favorites with you in case you missed anything!

5. Star Wars Rebels 4th and Final Season

We didn’t say they were good things! The producers of the show confirmed that Star Wars Rebels would end on its 4th season and close the show’s story. They also said that the show will begin to tie in closer to Rogue One and A New Hope.

4. The Epic Star Wars Battlefront II Trailer

Now here’s an awesome one! One of the big reveals this year was the reveal of the first Star Wars Battlefront II trailer, which shows off a vague idea of what the game’s story will be like. The games creators also announced that the game’s story will bridge Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens. They also said that they would be releasing a tie-in novel called Battlefront: Inferno Squad.

3. The Carrie Fisher Tribute

Star Wars created and presented for the first time a tribute for Carrie Fisher. The tribute celebrated her life and we really enjoyed watching and crying over it. An additional thing to note was that her beloved french bulldog Gary Fisher was celebrating along with everyone else.

2. The New Details on Star Wars Land in Anaheim and OrlandoStar Wars Land Concept Art

I really enjoyed listening to the new details to Star Wars Land in both Disneyland and Walt Disney World. Some of our favorites were how the riders of the new Millennium Falcon ride will actually be able to pilot the ship and how much the visitors will be able to interact with the world of Star Wars.

1. The New Teaser Trailer for The Last Jedi

Our absolute favorite thing that happened has got to be the reveal of the new The Last Jedi trailer. They showed off some awesome footage in it and left us eagerly waiting for December 15th and trying to decipher what Luke meant when he spoke that last line.

We really enjoyed following the events and living vicariously through the people who attended this year’s Star Wars Celebration.

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