Printable Road Trip Activity Cards

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This post was originally created for a Roadtrip Roundup we did. A week’s of activities all about road trips. For this post we had Jennifer from Big D and Me¬†shared a great set of printable road trip activity cards that you can print and gather up for the kids to do on any short or long road trips you have coming up.

Printable Road Trip activity cardsHi! I’m Jennifer from Big D and Me and I’m so excited to be guest posting on All for the Boys during Road trip Roundup. I have two boys, 9 and 6, and a little girl who’s 2. All three love legos, star wars, and wrestling -it’s never dull at our house. So grab a light saber, come on over for a visit, and laugh as we find humor in everyday life.

Are we there yet? How much looooooonger? He’s bugging me! Stop touching me! These are all familiar tunes when going on a road trip whether the trip is 50 miles or 1500 miles. Moms must be prepared. I always have the usual stash of new books, snacks, and movies ready to go but I felt I needed something else.

So…I created high-interest activity cards to keep my kids busy. Since the car will be filled with pillows, suitcases, blankets, can’t leave behind stuffed animals, and a food bag, I wanted the activities to be pocket sized.

My set consists of 48 Activity Cards which have a variety of problems or prompts for kids to work on. The cards cover math, social studies, sports, poetry, word puzzles, or just high-interest topics.

Road trip printable activity sheets

Note: If you are looking for Emily Bronte you have come to the wrong place. My poetry cards deal with snot and burping. I have boys….they tend to like that kind of stuff.

Print out the Activity Cards and cut them apart.

Since the goal was to have pocket-sized activities, I searched for a small container. A plastic coupon holder turned out to be a perfect size. Since the holder is small, each child can get their own set of cards. Plus it’s easy to store.

Road trip printable activity sheets

I also included 3 pencils, a pencil sharpener, and an eraser into the coupon holder. In addition to keeping the kids busy, hopefully, these cards will also start some conversations as they determine who their favorite storybook character is or what they would do as president. Although let’s be honest, I won’t complain if they are quiet while contemplating their answers.

Thank you, Allison, for having me and safe travels to everyone this summer!

Maybe these cards can help you retain some sanity while driving and answering, “Are we there yet?” for the millionth time.

Printable Road Trip activity cards


Thank you SO much Jennifer! I LOVE these printables and will definitely be printing them out to keep in the car for my boys. We are obsessed with road trips and now that they’re older are researching road trips to take after we fly into a destination, like these awesome road trip ideas from New York City.

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Allison Waken is a wife, mom of boys and Phoenix, AZ native. She has been creating inspiring content for All for the Boys since 2011. Allison loves travel, movies and spending as much time as possible with her family while she can!


  1. Love these ideas! We have many long road trips to visit family this summer and I am hoping these will help us all cope.

  2. This is great – thanks for sharing this pocket-sized & economical project!

  3. We are taking a road trip to South Carolina with my 6 yr old daughter and 8 year old son. This is timely information. I plan to borrow as many of these ideas as possible. Thanks.

  4. Thanks for the awesome travel activity sheets! I have 3 kids too – all boys : ages 9, 6, and not quite 2!

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