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We have a living room in the front of our house where the boys like to play, build forts, or watch movies. Currently (and often) it looks like this (plus a bit more)

So I’ve been scouring the internet for unique storage solutions for Legos. I posted some on my other blog a little while ago

 Toy Storage from Holly Mathis Interiors


Lego wall seen here


Unique minifig storage from Mondo Cherry

Lego sack from Make it Perfect

and there’s always this


Have you seen any unique Lego storage ideas lately?

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  1. wow! i've got one child up to his armpits in lego and bionicle parts and another child wanting very much to be right next to him (but with pink legos and bionicle's) i've got BIG problems with storage. the ocd in me sorts by color into clear buckets, only they don't stay that way for more than a day. so i've given up! there is a stack of clear buckets and bins in the corner of his room with a serious pile of lego's in the middle. he has taken to removing his clothes from his drawers to store his treasures.
    i'll be following this to see what you've found. (it is a common occurance to have lego's in the wash!)

  2. All for the Boys Reply

    I've tried sorting as well, but hasn't worked yet! And SO true – Legos in the wash is a weekly occurrence here! LOL

  3. Legos in the laundry, legos under my feet… same story here. I LOVE the lego wall!

    My boys have a big bin that they stick them in. If they made something they can't part with, I let them keep it up for a while in their room 🙂

  4. As your kids play teach them at the same time the responsibility to keep toys at the right place after playing. This could be more effective if you have a good toy storage. They will keep their toys organized and in good condition.

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