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Since we were discussing rockets, we thought we’d do this fun activity again!

I’ve read of several ways to do this, but we like this one the best because it uses the least amount of supplies and it’s quick and easy (which means you can do it over, and over, and over…)

All you need is water, empty film canisters with lids, and Alka Seltzer tablets broken into 1/4 pieces. And you really should have safety goggles.


You fill the canister about 1/2 way with water


Quickly drop in a piece of the tablet, put the lid on all the way, place upside down, and RUN! (the goggles are  to protect little eyes from flying rockets and flying Alka Seltzer. There is something so fun about seeing how long it will take the rockets to blast off, or how high they’ll go. Sometimes you get a dud and the boys think it’s pretty funny.

The rockets blast off pretty fast most of the time so be careful, but it’s so much fun!

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