Travel Tuesday: Organize

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I’m going to admit very publicly that I am not an organized person. That being said I try hard to teach my kids to be! One trick to a happy family on a road trip is organization. Someone spills something and you’re looking for the towels for 10 minutes is not helping anything! I found some car organizers that you can make yourself to keep the kids organized in the car all the time not just on roadtrips!

Lasso the Moon has instructions this backseat organizer

Here’s one from Fabulous on a Teacher’s Salary

This one sits in the middle from CraftApple

I like the smaller pockets on this one from Sew4Home

We often do the same as the Happy Family Movement and load up boxes for each boy

Do you have a blog post or tip for organizing on road trips?

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  1. We've taken two kids on several 3,000+ mile road trips & always have a blast!!! I use a ton of bins & baskets to organize – one for snacks, one for toys/activities, one for necessities (cell chargers, camera, extra batteries, first aid kit, wipes, etc), and an insulated tote for drinks, carrots, cheese, etc. Each bin goes in the same place every trip, so we all know what is where. I pack large suitcases (or just laundry baskets!) for each of us, and we have one tote bag that comes in with us at each destination since we usually only stay in one place for one or two nights. All the swimsuits, towels, goggles & other swimming stuff also has its own bin so if we're somewhere with a pool, we can just grab the whole thing rather than digging suits out of individual suitcases.

  2. My biggest tip? Never pack crayons on a road trip! They always seem to melt. And markers always manage to mark something they ought not to! We always pack colored pencils, & sharpeners with built-in shaving catchers.

  3. we like to do that last one…fill a shallow plastic box with all kinds of stuff. they can use the top as a workspace if coloring. and then everything can be stored away easily.

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