Magic Toothpick Star

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Magic toothpick star trickToday’s toothpick activity is a fun little “magic” trick uses toothpicks and water.

Start with 5 toothpicks, water, a straw for easy water dropping and a plate to catch the water. break the toothpicks in half (as close to the middle as you can get) without tearing them completely apart. Arrange the toothpicks on the plate like this.

Magic toothpick star trickPut the straw into the water and place your finger or thumb on the other end to trap the water (you could also use a dropper/pipette).

Magic toothpick star trickCarefully place a drop or two of water in the center of your toothpick arrangement. You’ll likely need a few drops just be carefully not to drop too much water at once. Watch the toothpicks slowly move.

Magic toothpick star trickMagic toothpick star trickMagic toothpick star trickMagic toothpick star trickMagic toothpick star trickThe boys wanted to do this a couple times so be prepared with more toothpicks. You may also need more if you have trouble breaking them in the center.

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  1. I just did this with my kids (2 1/2 and 4 1/2) and they loved it. It took a few tries to get it just right. They thought it was amazing! Thanks!

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