Toothpick Balance Trick

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Toothpick balance trickMy boys always love new tricks to perform to the family. Especially ones that can be done at the dinner table. Since it’s toothpick week I thought it was a perfect time to share this fun trick. This balancing act has 2 variations depending on your patience and materials. For the first one you’ll need a glass of water (or bottle, soda can etc), spoon, fork and a toothpick.

Toothpick balance trickSlide the spoon into the fork so they are “stuck” together.

Toothpick balance trick

Toothpick balance trickPut the toothpick in the middle of the fork.

Toothpick balance trickHere’s where the patience comes in. Place the end of the toothpick along the edge of the glass while balancing the fork and spoon. You’ll want to make small adjustments while keeping your hands on both the fork/spoon and the toothpick. As you adjust you’ll feel the balance and can make small adjustments until it feels just right. Once you’ve done it a few times this will get easier.

Toothpick balance trick

Toothpick balance trickFor the second (and a bit harder) version. You’ll need an apple (or salt shaker, cork in a bottle – anything you can stick a toothpick in securely), fork, spoon and 2 toothpicks.

Toothpick balance trickRepeat the same steps as the above trick with the fork, spoon and one of the toothpicks. Stick the other toothpick vertically in the apple.

Toothpick balance trickNow is the tricky part. You’re going to balance the end of the toothpick on the edge of the other toothpick. Again, this will take small movements and some patience. My silverware is very heavy and it still worked.

Toothpick balance trick

Toothpick balance trick

Toothpick balance trickI’d love to know if you got it to work so let me know! Also, would you like/prefer video instructions for our tricks and ideas as well?

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  1. Very cool! My kids were impressed with the disappearing toothpick trick. I’m sure they’ll want to try this one, too. I’ll let you know if we get it to work 🙂

  2. Looks fun! My kids are excited to try! Videos would be great (but, more work!!) Thanks for so many ideas.

  3. I have only done the single toothpick so far but it was super easy. I have heavy silverware and it literally took me 10 seconds to balance on the glass. Double toothpick attempt next

  4. Double toothpick done. Wish I could share a picture. Took a little longer,about a minute to balance but got it

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