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To go along with my secret stash we have some fun things that the boys like to do while waiting at a dinner table or airplane or wherever they need to sit still for a long period of time. One of those is making backgrounds for their Legos, plastic animals, Playmobils or whatever small toy they happen to have along at the time.

I love doing this because it takes the time for them to actually create the backdrop along with the fun they have playing with it. Now that mine are older, they like to photograph their creations in front of them and are starting to try their hand at some stop motion videos.

It’s pretty simple. Draw your background and fold in thirds. You could stand it up like this but we like to fold up the bottom, cut the vertical folds up to the bottom horizontal fold. The more you have at the bottom the more stable it will be.


Then, let your imaginations run wild!


Oh, and we normally do this on cardstock since it is so much sturdier. Super easy, but fun!

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  1. What a fun idea! We'll have to try this today. My boys would love to have a background for their "pod racers." 😉

  2. This kid is so creative. Your imagination is commendable. You made a good backdrop for your toy. You give other kids a good idea on how to turn their play more fun. They can do the backdrop of their own design and theme.

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