No-Carve Flossing Skeleton Pumpkin

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Is the Fornite dance “The Floss” still being performed in your house? Why not have a little fun with the trendy dance and add it into your Halloween crafting. What better way to make your tweens laugh than to make this no-carve flossing skeleton pumpkin with free printable?!

DIY no-carve flossing skeleton pumpkin #halloween #nocarvepumpkin #pumpkin

I love these already carved out craft pumpkins you can get at the craft store! They make it so easy to create a no-carve pumpkin in any theme you want. One of my favorites is the Pokemon pumpkin we did a few years ago. It’s fun to include something your kids are really into, into your holiday festivities. It helps gets them excited and involved and usually sparks some fun, creative ideas that may not have come out originally!

How to make a Fortnite Floss Dance No-Carve Pumpkin

To make your own you’ll need:

Once you have all your supplies, you just need to print out the skeleton printable and cut out the skeletons. You can mix and match how you want them standing, you can just do one or all three.

DIY no-carve flossing skeleton pumpkin #halloween #nocarvepumpkin #pumpkinGlue a toothpick to the back of the skeleton’s leg with just a little bit sticking out of the bottom.

DIY no-carve flossing skeleton pumpkin #halloween #nocarvepumpkin #pumpkin

Stick the bottom of the toothpick into the craft pumpkin where you want the skeleton to stand.

DIY no-carve flossing skeleton pumpkin #halloween #nocarvepumpkin #pumpkin DIY no-carve flossing skeleton pumpkin #halloween #nocarvepumpkin #pumpkin

That’s it! So easy! You can just leave this in the house as is or add a few battery operated lights inside.

DIY no-carve flossing skeleton pumpkin #halloween #nocarvepumpkin #pumpkin

These skeletons crack me up! You could really print out a bunch of them and make them into a little garland too if you wanted to! Have FUN with your Halloween pumpkins this year. Find out what the kids want to add to theirs and see what unique ideas you can all come up with.


DIY no-carve flossing skeleton pumpkin #halloween #nocarvepumpkin #pumpkin

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