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Easter is just around the corner and definitely the next big “crafting” holiday. We’ve been wanting to make something to leave for our neighbors and figured Easter was as good a time as any! We partnered with Elmer’s to create these fun DIY paper baskets. Check out their Dream! Make! Create! site with Scholastic Parent & Child for all kinds of fun Easter activities!

DIY Paper baskets (with printable)All you need is this printable, paper and Elmers glue. Just the good old school glue works great for these as long as you give them time to dry. It holds up really well! Print out the printable and cut along the outside solid line.

DIY Paper baskets (with printable)


Next, I like to make my fold creases on the dashed line. Then you’ll cut along the diagonal solid lines.

DIY Paper baskets (with printable)Looking at the little “tabs” you’ll want to make sure they face towards the same side (not necessary for function only for looks).

DIY Paper baskets (with printable)Add a bit of glue on the tabs and hold.

DIY Paper baskets (with printable)

DIY Paper baskets (with printable)

DIY Paper baskets (with printable)For the best hold, put some paperclips over the tabs to give the glue time to dry.

DIY Paper baskets (with printable)Repeat for all the corners.

DIY Paper baskets (with printable)Allow to dry and you’re done! You can leave as is or have the kids decorate with crayons, paint, stamps etc.

DIY Paper baskets (with printable)Glue a strip of paper on top for a handle if desired.

DIY Paper baskets (with printable)Fill with fun surprises and leave for an unsuspecting friend or neighbor. Or just play hide and find the eggs.

DIY Paper baskets (with printable)

DIY Paper baskets (with printable)

DIY Paper baskets (with printable)

You can use the basic “basket” for all sorts of things beyond Easter!

Check out and sign up for Elmer’s Parents club for even more project ideas for stress free fun.

DIY Paper baskets (with printable)

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