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We have a lot to protect our kids from in the digital age. Commercials, age inappropriate content, time limits etc. I am always looking for new ways to improve my boys’ (and my) experience with digital devices while still keeping them safe from content I don’t want them seeing.

We were recently introduced to Kidoodle.TV and we are so impressed! Kidoodle.TV is a safe, ad-free streaming video service that you can customize for your kids. You can set content for each individual kid (up to 5) by show or age and even set time limits so you don’t have to monitor that. At first we weren’t sure they’d have enough content for my older boys (9 and 11) but they loved all the National Geographic videos and other science based programing as well as the Family Game Night videos.

What they really loved was watching Inspector Gadget since it was a show I talked about watching as a kid. It is SO fun to find some of those shows to share with them (Jem and the Holograms anyone?!)

It really came in handy when we had dinner at a kid free house the other night. They had tons to watch without needing to ask to use other’s equipment. We brought our family iPad and iPhones and they were set along with a football and some other toys for breaks.

I didn’t realize how many ads they are exposed to on a daily basis until they were watching Kidoodle.TV and they mentioned how quick it was to watch and change shows (they didn’t have to wait to be able to skip ads). There was plenty of content for both of them to choose from and with the ability to personalize their profiles with the shows they want to watch, they each felt like they had their own TV channel. 

I feel like Kidoodle.TV is one of those services you didn’t know you wanted until you had it and then you wondered why you didn’t get it sooner! Definitely handy in long allergist office waits. Not that we’d know about that or anything (our longest wait was an hour and a half).

Kidoodle.TV has a fun giveaway going on on their Facebook page. Enter here to win one of 3 iPad Minis being given away in March and April. 

They also were awesome enough to extend a discount code to all of you! Use code BLOGHER25 for 25% off a 1 year subscription to Kidoodle.TV. Otherwise, it’s just $4.99 a month. This coupon code expires June 30, 2014.


I ALSO have a fun giveaway for you! We’re giving away a $100 VISA gift card to one reader. To enter answer this question in the comments below: What devices do your kids use? Do they have their own or share with the whole family?

For more information you can visit their Facebook page, Twitter, and Pinterest

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  1. Our children do not have their own devices. We all share and even though we try to monitor the content it is so difficult. Those ads that pop up are inappropriate (to say the least) at times.

  2. My oldest child has her own computer. Hubby is a computer engineer, so she does programming with him on her computer. Otherwise, the kids share our computers/TV/IPad/phones. We try to monitor what they are watching and have put blocks on our computers, but still find inappropriate things seeping through. This looks like a great option. Thanks!

  3. My son is only 2 (almost 3) and he uses our smart phones, but only while supervised. He doesn't have any devices of his own. 🙂

  4. My sons don't have their own devices. They watch shows on the TV via Netflix and PBS kids. Long road trip planned this summer and wondering if this might be an option via our iPhones or Surface. Thanks for the giveaway and info about Kidoodle!

  5. Our son is 6 and has access to the family iPad and my Kindle and he's soon to get his own Kindle. Right now, he LOVES watching The Electric Company (the original) and Rainbow Loom videos. While we tend to give him some space to make his own choices, we also keep an eye on him to make sure he's making good choices and if not, we definitely chat about what he's watching. As he gets older, the conversations will become more serious. I'm not sure if we'll be using parental controls on his access of devices- I imagine only time will tell. 🙂

  6. This is such a great thing for kids. The kids in my life have their own ipads.

  7. The only 'device' we use is a plain old tv, but I do let my daughter watch Sesame Street. 🙂


  8. My boys have innotabs and as a family we have an ipad and kindle

  9. My son uses an ipad for games and occassionally my phone. He is 5 and we set limits. He also knows how to pick shows on netflix and we have it set to kids shows.

  10. We have an i Pad, Kindle Fire, and a home computer. We all share the devices. The kids would love having their own but that's not going to happen at until they are much older.

  11. Our family is still relatively low tech. Neither of my boys (5 & 11) have their own devices, although we are contemplating purchasing one for our 11 year old. We use a computer, laptop and smartphone right now. I'd love to add an Ipad when finances allow!

  12. My children’s favorite education show is Super Why! They currently use my Husbands phone to watch videos, and an Innotab and a Leappad to play educationally related games! My youngest son is two so does not show much interest but my five year old is rather obsessed and they do share together!

  13. My oldest has a Nook tablet and both boys have access to our iPhones. I'm excited about this subscription. We have had a hard time monintoring YouTube videos and sometimes I feel as though I fail at that miserably. Also tv is not always the best for my kids either. Commercials are often the things I'd prefer they don't see if you can imagine that?

  14. My son uses a kindle to play games, and he doesn't share it much with family.

  15. Lorna Calaway Reply

    Grand daughter has her own laptop and tablet. She spends lots of time playing Minecraft and watching DVD's that we purchase for her. Kidoodle TV sounds like it would be worth trying! Might be a bit young for her.

  16. My sons aged 6 and 8 only get very limited time on my phone. They do not use technology very often.

  17. Andrea Williams Reply

    My older son has his own Ipod, but our younger shares one and they also play on a desktop computer that is shared. My youngest has a 3DS that he used more often.

  18. I have two boys (7 &9 yrs) they use the family laptop that we all share. They love PBS! Thanks for the chance to win! Love the site!

  19. Hi, I have 5 kiddos, 3 are boys. We have a laptop and desktop which we share as a family.

  20. Sahara Hinkey Reply

    My kids have started using the Ipad more and more. Its scary to see the ads or suggested movies to watch. They are nothing related to what my kids are watching. All it would take is one click for them to see something they shouldn't.

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