Snake Bubbles

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Snakes are a big favorite in this house. We have 7 + more coming (the boys are breeding them) yes I said 7. When we first got married Mr. All for the Boys had hundreds. He’s managed a couple pet stores and got into the fun hobby of breeding snakes and coming up with new color patterns etc. Once the boys were born we were down to 0 (he sold them all) and then once the boys were old enough to have their own opinions. They both wanted 1. Apparently in this house we can’t stop at one.

Back to bubbles. If you don’t have 7 snakes in your home how about bubble snakes? How Does She shows us how.

Water bottles, washcloth/rag, rubberbands, and dish soap (with a bit of water) is all you need.

Visit How Does She for the full how to!

Make a game of it and see who can make the longest snake!

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