Toothpick Construction

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Toothpick constructionIt’s toothpick week! Throughout this week we’ll bring you fun ideas or activities you can do with toothpicks. They are cheap and likely something you already have and easy to find if you don’t.

Toothpick and dough constructionWe did a marshmallow and toothpick construction craft a while back. Not everyone has or wants their kids using/eating marshmallows though, so we revamped the idea and just replaced the marshmallows with dough or clay.

Toothpick and dough constructionUse air dry clay if you want your creation to be a bit more permanent. Just make a little ball and insert a toothpick.

Toothpick and dough construction

Toothpick and dough constructionThe creations are only limited by your imagination.

Toothpick and dough constructionFor creating larger structures you may want to use larger balls/clumps of clay towards the bottom to support the weight of the upper structure.

Toothpick and dough construction

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    • I think the marshmallows would be easier for younger kids because the clay is so much more pliable (easier to squish and pop out the toothpick) but it holds up well.

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