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We have balloons laying around from our other projects so why not put them to good use right?! Enter Water Bottle Launchers!

Cut the top off of a water bottle and remove cap and plastic ring (save the plastic ring)

Cut off the bottom portion of the baloon about here

Make noises with the bottom part you cut off by blowing throug it

Attach balloon to the top of the water bottle by pulling it over the top

Use plastic ring you saved to help secure the balloon to the water bottle (a zip tie will work as well)

Secure ring and that’s it! Repeat for each family member (you’ll probably need one for the adults as well)

Gather your ammo of choice

Drop one into the balloon

pull the ammo (in the balloon) back while supporting the bottle/balloon connection with your opposite hand.

With a good aim and a bit of practice you’ll be launching at record lengths in no time! (which is why bright colored ammunition is a good idea) Don’t shoot at other people/animals obviously and safety eye wear may be necessary depending on your kids!

Happy (safe) launching! 

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  1. So cool and simple. My kids will love this. They will inevitably start shooting at each other, but, such is life.

  2. Oh my stinkin' cool! These will be a hit around our house no doubt 🙂 Thanks again for such awesome inspiration- I'm your biggest fan 😉 Hope you have a great week!

  3. Great idea! I wonder if mini marshmallows would work as ammunition. Then no worry about hitting each other!

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