What Has Melvin Been Up To?

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I have gotten several more emails asking what Melvin has been up to (I guess he has some online fans) so I thought I’d give an update.

He had some friends over to show them the pets (he had answered the boys’ note about having friends and if they came over. The boys told him that his friends were welcome to see our pets)

Since we don’t get snow here I guess he thought it would be fun to show the boys how to have snow fun without the snow. This was the night we actually DID get some snow near us (enough to throw a ball or two). Maybe Melvin had something to do with it?


Getting into the sweets again – that Melvin has a sweet tooth! (The boys also told him in their note that he was welcome to make himself at home)

He apparently likes Legos too! I guess you kind of have to in this house! 

He found Colton’s new library book very interesting (I have no idea why he checked that book out in the first place) but the the boys noticed that he was on the page with the toys. Maybe Melvin likes to play?

Today Melvin had replaced the boys’ stockings with their underwear! They found their stockings in their underwear drawer! Melvin sure does know how to make us laugh!

What have your elves been up to?

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  1. Bahaha! My son would think the underwear was hilarious! All things "dirty" in our house are laugh-out-loud-able. His current favorite joke is about a white cow falling in the mud. Because he can say it's a dirty joke. Boys…Gotta love 'em!

  2. Dana Tuttle Reply

    Our Elf, Happy hung several pairs of the boys tighty whities on our white Christmas tree and was swinging in one of the pairs of underwear! My twin boys who are 5 years old did not look for Happy the day before and he wanted to make sure they noticed the next day!!

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