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I’m sharing #LISTERINE in my life as part of a LISTERINE® sponsored series for Socialstars™ #BoldPercent

In the mornings when we’re getting ready, or throughout the day really, we’ll dream up adventures we want to take soon, in the future, together or just sometime in our lives. Setting goals and dreams is fun isn’t it?! There are lots of countries and lots of activities on our adventure list!

Kauai Adventures

Even if we have no idea when some of these might work out, we love talking about our plans! We’ve been talking about being inspired by LISTERINE®’s Bring Out the Bold™ campaign this year, well now they want to help you go on one of your dream adventures!

Listerine Bold Percent

Listerine wants you to join the Bold Percent – a group of Bold people, who do Bold things. For example, LISTERINE® MOUTHWASH users are…2X more likely to ask a stranger out for a date, 3X more likely to save someone’s life, 9X more likely to freestyle rap (vs. non-users)  


Listerine adventures

Ready to join them? Test your boldness here and now and you could instantly win a prize that ignites your inner bold. Or try LISTERINE® mouthwash and upload your receipt for a chance to win your choice of bold adventures.

Listerine Bold Percent Adventures

These are totally on our list. We have adventured in Hawaii a few times and it is one of our favorite places on earth! They also have things like

  • driving an Indy car
  • helicopter tour
  • private wine tasting
  • fighter pilot for a day

Fighter Pilot

Yes please! So fun! So go join the Bold Percent and then have fun talking with your kids about their dream adventures. I think we’ll work on a way to write all ours down so we remember as the boys get older and move out of the house. How fun will it be to go back over them some day?! Maybe I could even scrapbook our “dream” notes and put them with photos when they finally become a reality?!

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