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We LOVE checking out events in our area and in cities when we travel. Finding those events can be cumbersome sometimes but Goldstar is a site that has some awesome discounts for local events to encourage people to  get out more to live entertainment – like theater, comedy, sports, music, performing arts and even things like wine tastings, sushi making classes and rodeos. They even have the world’s largest selection of half price tickets so it’s a great spot to check first for events in your area or places you’ll travel to!

Aquarium of the Pacific, Long Beach CA

Goldstar is working to help fight summer brain drain by encouraging families to check out local live entertainment! From things like aquariums to museums and concerts. Peggy O’Brien (director of education for the Folger Shakespeare Library and former chief of family and public engagement for D.C. public schools) has put together a fun list of ways to turn each event into a real live classroom if you want to increase the learning that comes from attending!

Goldstar Smarter Summer

O’Brien’s Tips for Turning a Live Event Into a Real-Life Classroom

  1.  Before you go: Have everyone write down three words they think will describe the experience.
  2. On the way home: Look at the three words to see if they lived up to expectations, and add three more words that describe what it was really like.
  3. You and the kids should answer the following: What were the two things you noticed and observed and why? What are two things that you wished had happened, but that didn’t?
  4. Google reviews on the event and ask the kids if they agree or disagree with them.
  5. If questions come up during your conversations, do even more research to keep the learning going.

Neil Patrick Harris said “My kids start kindergarten this year, but live entertainment is already a big part of their lives. It helps keep them sharp and creative, which is why I love Goldstar’s Smarter Summer campaign so much and encourage other parents to really get their children engaged.”

Goldstar Smarter Summer

We recently visited The Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, CA (more on that later) and I noticed that Goldstar has awesome prices for tickets there! We’ll be checking out the site each time we travel to see what they have to offer. It’s such a great way to find and then buy really good priced tickets at home or wherever you’re going!

Aquarium of the Pacific, Long Beach CA Aquarium of the Pacific, Long Beach CA

Colton and I are going to see Shrek the Musical at the Arizona Broadway Theater next week!

Would you love a $40 gift credit to your Goldstar account? Just retweet my tweet below and Goldstar will randomly select a winner after Monday July 18th, 2016 (you’ll want to follow Goldstar as well so they can dm you if you win). Good luck and here’s to a #SmarterSummer

Aquarium of the Pacific, Long Beach CA

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