A Real 12 Year Old Boy’s Sleepover Party

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I wasn’t going to share my newest 12 year old’s birthday party because there wasn’t anything too exciting about it. There was no theme, no fancy invitations or gift bags (friends were invited by Skype during online game play) no cutesy food – just a run of the mill sleepover. But then I thought maybe you’d like to see that bloggers do normal too. Sometimes I take a fun idea or two from a really over the top party and sometimes I don’t.

Real 12 year old birthday party

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These were the decorations. That’s it! He didn’t care, so I didn’t care. I filled them up with my Balloon Time helium tank and called it good. In fact, they had fun posing for pictures so they were totally worth it.

We ordered pizza and had the one request the boys did make – Ecto Cooler. Yep! It’s back. There’s some in stock at Amazon right now or you can order HEB online (you can get a free shipping code on your first order).

Real 12 year old birthday party

Some of the boys brought their foam dart guns and Super Impulse had sent us some of their new launching line Precision RBS to review, that I knew the boys would all want to check out.

Real 12 year old birthday party

These are actually very cool and much better made than the rubber band launchers of my day.

The Hyperion was the favorite of the night with pinpoint accuracy 50 feet downfield! There are three different band sizes, for capacity of 26 loaded bands, plus extra side storage. But the best part is the blast feature – launches 14 bands AT ONCE! They were dying to show this to Dad when he got home. I loved that they came with cardboard targets. You can check out a video of these here.

Real 12 year old birthday party Real 12 year old birthday party

Since there were more boys than targets, they set up a bunch of plastic cups outside and went to town for quite a while!

Real 12 year old birthday party

Once the sun went down, they jumped in the pool. We did this for one of their parties last year so they asked to do it again. We rounded up all the extra glow sticks from the house (why do I always have these lying around) and they made up pool games for quite a while.

Real 12 year old birthday party

I also set up the movie screen outside and faced it towards the pool so they could watch while they floated (though I’m not sure anyone actually watched the whole movie). We still use something like this inexpensive projector and make up a screen but we’ve been doing it enough that it might be time to get some better equipment!

That was it, we ate pizza had some chips and fruit for snack and cereal for breakfast. The boys barely played video games. They hung out and played most of the night. It really was such a fun night and no Pinterest searching needed 😉

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  1. You’re link is for an iPhone splitter. But you have some nice ideas. Thanks.

  2. Randel Jones Reply

    It worried me that it appeared that the only lights in the pool were glow sticks. At any age, a head could slip underwater and disappear until it was too late. Otherwise, great ideas! Especially taking suggestions from the boys.

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