8 Tips to Keep Your House Clean Even with Kids

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These cleaning tips are part of a sponsored post for Aunt Fannies with Aunt Fannie’s Cleaning Vinegars and Aunt Fannie’s FlyPunch! #HealthierHousekeeping

I think keeping a clean house is something we’ve all struggled with – even before kids. Add kids into the mix and it feels like a never ending battle. I’ve got some tips on how to keep your house clean even with kids and ways to make sure they are learning to clean on their own. Yes, kids can learn to see that something needs to be cleaned, and then clean it!

Tips for keeping your house clean with kids #HealthierHousekeeping #PlantBased #NaturalCleaning

First of all having products you feel comfortable allowing your kids to use is super important. I’ve made my own but usually just pick some up at the store for convenience sake. The problem is I have one kiddo with super sensitive skin and both kids aren’t very careful where they spray cleaner so it ends up all over food and eating surfaces.

Tips for keeping your house clean with kids #HealthierHousekeeping #PlantBased #NaturalCleaning

I recently discovered Aunt Fannie’s FlyPunch!  and LOVE it. It’s a company started by a Dad looking to make a product that was safe for his sensitive son. Mat Franken worked with a senior scientist and brilliant people at companies such as General Mills, Annie’s and other food companies to perfect the product formulations.  Founder and CEO of Mrs. Myers is even on their board of directors (another regularly purchased brand in our house). My favorite product that I’ve tried so far is Aunt Fannie’s Cleaning Vinegars – they are food-based cleaners that you can allow your kids to use without the worry of harsh or toxic chemicals. They smell great and clean even better. My kids can clean the counter and I don’t have to worry about them spraying too close to the fruit on the counter.

Tips for keeping your house clean with kids #HealthierHousekeeping #PlantBased #NaturalCleaning Tips for keeping your house clean with kids #HealthierHousekeeping #PlantBased #NaturalCleaning

Aunt Fannie’s also has FlyPunch! – a FruitFly Solution that protects food from fruit flies – perfect for this time of year when we have lots of fruits and vegetables out on the counter. Basically they make really great cleaning products that are safe for the family. Products you’d be proud and comfortable to use in your home no matter who is crawling around.

Tips for keeping your house clean with kids #HealthierHousekeeping #PlantBased #NaturalCleaning

Using natural products is important to us, but so is convenience, so having a product I can easily purchase is a lifesaver and I know it is for many of you too!

Tips for keeping your house clean with kids #HealthierHousekeeping #PlantBased #NaturalCleaning

What can you do to get kids involved in regular cleaning of the house (aside from nagging or being on them constantly? Here are tips to keep your house clean:

  1. Use products that are safe for kids to use – Aunt Fannie’s is definitely our favorite!
  2. Give kids their own cleaning kit – make a kit with products, sponges, cloths etc. the more variety the better!Tips for keeping your house clean with kids #HealthierHousekeeping #PlantBased #NaturalCleaning
  3. Make a schedule – but only if you’re good at staying with it. Some families don’t work like that so it’s only going to cause more trouble if that’s not the way you work. If you’re not a schedule person just try to do one task a day – bathroom floors today, counters tomorrow etc.
  4. Friendly reminders – try giving the kids the benefit of the doubt, let them clean when they see something needs cleaning. This takes some work in the beginning, but after a while they’ll start to act on their own and clean more often. Give them reminders here and there. We like to leave each other notes in fun ways, like leaving them in toy animals! I’ll admit that sometimes they’re a little passive aggressive but in a fun way 😉 Tips for keeping your house clean with kids #HealthierHousekeeping #PlantBased #NaturalCleaningTips for keeping your house clean with kids #HealthierHousekeeping #PlantBased #NaturalCleaning
  5. If they don’t do something as well as you’d like show them why it’s not the best and let them fix it. Always going back and doing it for them isn’t going to help them learn how to clean properly.
  6. Less is More – obviously the less you have the less you have to pick up and keep clean. Clean out toys, cabinets and containers on a regular basis.
  7. Don’t be afraid of empty – empty shelves, cupboards, spots in the pantry – it’s ok if they’re empty! Make sure the kids know that just because there’s a spot there doesn’t mean they need to throw their stuff in there.
  8. Encouragement goes a long way – even if you don’t have a regular chore chart or reward system just telling the kids that you appreciate their help (especially if they do extras) gives them the boost of encouragement they need to remember to clean on their own.Tips for keeping your house clean with kids #HealthierHousekeeping #PlantBased #NaturalCleaning

I think the biggest thing is, don’t underestimate what the kids can do or how they can help.

Tips for keeping your house clean with kids #HealthierHousekeeping #PlantBased #NaturalCleaning

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Tips for keeping your house clean with kids #HealthierHousekeeping #PlantBased #NaturalCleaning

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  1. You had me sold at Fly Punch!! Anything to get rid of those things!

  2. Love cleaning with vinegar! Have never heard of this brand though – will have to check it out!

  3. This is so amazing!!! I clean with vinegar all the time, but I had no idea there was an actual brand that was selling food-based cleaning products. I would much rather stock my cabinets with these products, than worry that my son may get into some poison. I’m definitely interested. Thanks for sharing <3

    • Isn’t it great! I’d rather have this all over the house too! I’t’s perfect for not worrying about who using what on what surface and whether is safe, and you don’t have to make it yourself 😉

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